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Surgery / Webinar
Resectoscope Magic – Why, When and How in 2023
Obstetrics / Webinar
The management of uterine fibroids
Emergencies / Event
23ème congrès du Collège de Médecine d'Urgence de Bretagne
Obstetrics / Webinar
Medical Management of endometriosis
Obstetrics / Webinar
Hémostase et Gestion des Pertes Sanguines en Chirurgie Gynéco-Obstétrique
Surgery / Webinar
Expanding your office hysteroscopic horizons: how to challenge yourself
Obstetrics / Webinar
Infections urinaires post-coïtales : un fléau au quotidien
Airway / Live
Le Haut Débit Nasal Optiflow en pratique
Airway / Live
COVID-19 et Haut Débit Nasal
Introduction: We are delighted to announce the second part of an interactive virtual webinar from 2 expert hysteroscopists on the ...
This programme is accredited by the European Board for Accreditation of Continuing Education for Health Professionals (EBAC) for ...
  Comité d'Organisation : Tarik Cherfaoui, Laurent Goix, Myrianne Laloue, Nicolas Peschanski, Emmanuel Rousseau, M...
We are delighted to invite you to the next SEUD Webinar on Tuesday, February 22nd at 6 PM (GMT+1). For one hour, with the help of inte...
Programme Modérateurs : Pr Hervé Fernandez & Pr Philippe Descamps   Le point de vue du chirurgien gyn...
We are delighted to announce this interactive, virtual webinar from two expert hysteroscopists on 21st october. Office-based hysterosc...

Le Gynécologue et l'infection urinaire 
Dr Christian Jamin | Gynécologue, endocrinologue et interniste
  IU post-coïtale ou...
Programme Modérateur : Sébastien MIREK (Dijon) > Haut débit nasal :
Mécanismes d’action et effets physiologique...
Programme Modération : Pr Alexandre Demoule (Paris) – Pr Tahar Chouihed (Nancy) Haut Débit Nasal et ...


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